I’ve been working with WordPress for more than 5 years and while its great and I love it, there are always extra WordPress plugins needed.

In this article I’m going to go over 5 WordPress plugins I almost always use. Of course, there are other plugins on my favorites list but this should hopefully cover some of the key points to get you started.

Wordpress Plugins Recaptcha

1. Advanced noCaptcha reCaptcha

Captcha forms are an essential for blocking spam and brute force login attempts. Google’s noCaptcha reCaptcha is by far the best option. This plugin takes a few seconds to install. Just to add your public and secret google key and you’re done.

Wordpress Plugins - Backup

2. BackUpWordPress

I’ve been very lucky and actually never been forced to reinstall WordPress from a backup. That in no way means I’ll ever go without a backup plugin. There are a bunch of free and paid options. What I really like about BackUpWordPress is it emails you a copy of your backed up files. I use this in combination a IFTTT to automatically copy emails to google drive. If your server goes down you definitely don’t want your backup files to be on the same server.

Wordpress Plugins - Epoch

3. Epoch

Epoch is an incredibly fast Ajax powered comments plugin using the native WordPress comments system. This means you get all the performance benefits without having to edit any code unless you want to. Of course, for those who don’t plan on using comments, this is not for you.

Wordpress Plugins - Ewww

4. EWWW Image Optimizer

Reduce your site load time by compressing your images using lossless optimization techniques. EWWW ensures your image quality does not decrease during the compression, only the file size. This plugin optimizes images as you upload them and images you previously uploaded. You can even optimize images within your theme.

Wordpress Plugins - Yoast

5. Yoast

Yoast is the go to SEO plugin for optimizing how your content will appear in search engines and social media platforms.

Bonus! WP Editor

Wordpress Plugins - Editor

If you ever do any theme or plugin edits via the WordPress dashboard I highly recommend installing WP Editor. This makes editing files easier and allows uploading new files to your theme. Great for on the fly development. If only there was an option to delete and rename files.

Let me know what your go to WordPress plugin list include in the comments below. Hope this has been helpful to those new to WordPress.