I’m no expert when it comes to page builders and to be honest I don’t generally like them. Too many options, too many ways to go wrong and bloated code. Looking at this new Tailor Page Builder plugin I did not have high hopes. Tailor is one of the better page builders I’ve seen, even though I won’t be using it on my next project.

One thing to note is Tailor if a frontend editor meaning as you edit content you see it live on your page. My opinions are based on what I have seen from Visual Composer & Divi’s Page builder. Visual Composer has a frontend editor while Divi is only a backend page builder.

WordPress Tailor Page Builder Review

Tailor is a simple yet powerful plugin that allows you to easily create stunning pages using an intuitive drag and drop interface.


Tailor generates a mixture of HTML code and shortcodes. Most page builders rely on shortcodes which can limit your control. If you familiar with HTML you can more freely edit page builder elements. The image below is a comparison of what a standard text element generates using Tailor and Visual Composer.

WordPress Pagebuilder Tailor Visual Comp

Page builders are generally easy to use but Tailor gets a special mention.

Tailor is inspired by the WordPress theme customizer, something people are already comfortable with. Couple this with a smooth, quick drag and drop interface while still giving you options for tweaking colours, spacing etc.

Available for free from the WordPress plugin repository


The only reason I’m not going all in is the limited elements. Tailor has just released with a hand full of elements. There is certainly enough to get you started but I worry I’d spend a lot of time making custom elements. A perfect solution for small sites or landing pages. Over time the list of extensions will grow. There is already a WooCommerce and Portfolio extension.

Tailor might not be an all in one solution but at is also want makes it interesting. I see Tailor more as a base to start building your projects like a bootstrap framework. I’m definitely going to continue testing this WordPress page builder.